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A Worldbuilding Project

My love for design began with a love for storytelling and worldbuilding. To me, it was the most fascinating thing to watch an author or a screenwriter create a universe in which every single detail was worked out and had a reason to exist in the logic of that particular world.

In industrial design, the logic of this world has already been laid out, but the products still require justification to exist, whether it's due to the needs of the users, the environment, the market, or otherwise. In creating a product, it is the role of the designer to provide that justification.

I am lucky to be able to pursue my interest in creating products in the field of industrial design. This page was born out of the still-present passion for worldbuilding, a never-ending side project where I find joy in figuring out all these details of this little world I've created and give reason for their existence.

One college course allowed me to build out and think through this world in the form of a creative project. While I am still working on compiling all the information into an organized manner, the hope is to continue to add details and sketches to this page over the course of time as the world and my abilities to communicate it develop.

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