About Me

My name is Terrene Huang. I am originally from Sacramento, CA and recently graduated with a Bachelor's of Design in Industrial Design at the University of Washington, Seattle.

I loved to read stories as a child. I marveled at an author’s ability to craft and build worlds, whether it was a matter of culture, characters, language, magic, or any other detail. As I grew up, I knew I wanted to build worlds and experiences that were lasting, beautiful, and impactful. These passions and goals led me to study design in college.

My decision to study industrial design has led me to explore skills and topics I never would have encountered otherwise, talking to and working with people and experts of fields I never would have understood. What was once a dream to design for the worlds of stories I had read as a kid has developed into a passion to design for real people and craft real stories in their lives.

Feel free to view my resume or contact me for anything at all!